Vision 2020 Coalition

TPC is in the midst of a second broad community outreach to share what we have heard from residents with the other stakeholders in the neighborhood, including property owners, businesses, service providers and non-profits to gather their input, ideas and/or concerns.  It is our hope to find common ground and build a coalition among community partners around a common vision or platform for the Tenderloin neighborhood that everyone can collectively work toward.

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TPC Member Orgs

TRAC (Tenderloin Residents Action Committee)

TCRA (Tenderloin Chinese Rights Association)

TFCA (Tenderloin Filipino-American Community Association)

D6CP (District 6 Community Planners)

TL Votes


La Voz Latina

Faithful Fools

CCSRO Resident Leaders

350 Ellis St. Tenant Association

TL Solidarity

BLES (Better Lower Eddy Street Campaign)

GRACe (Golden Gate Resident Action Committee)

Black Unity Partnership

Demonstration Gardens.

Community supporters

Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

Tenderloin Community Benefit District

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