Towards a community-led vision for the Tenderloin


Of, by, & for the Tenderloin.

 The Tenderloin People’s Congress (TPC) was founded in 2016 to build a neighborhood coalition of tenderloin residents and resident-directed organizations.  Currently, there are 14 coalition member organizations as well as many individual resident members.  We are united in our vision of the Tenderloin as a culturally diverse, affordable, healthy, creative and green neighborhood with equitable services and economic opportunity for all.  We strive to ensure that the Tenderloin will remain a welcoming, vibrant and thriving community for seniors, persons with disabilities, people of color, immigrants, documented or undocumented, people with low-incomes, LGBTQ people, and all residents, housed or unhoused.

     In 2017, responding to new challenges and long-standing community concerns, the TPC launched a new effort to engage the entire community and to envision for ourselves what kind of neighborhood the residents want for our own future.  As part of this process, the TPC has engaged in a broad community outreach plan, visiting dozens of residential buildings in the TL and holding community meetings to hear directly from over 800 of our neighbors.  Following the resident outreach, the TPC held a Tenderloin People’s Summit attended by 170 community members to share some of what we heard and gather more input.  This is a report of all the input we gathered from community meetings, surveys and the summit.  

     With this information in hand, the TPC is now embarking on another broad community outreach plan to share what we have heard from residents with the other stakeholders in the neighborhood including property owners, businesses, service providers and non-profits to gather their input, ideas and/or concerns as well.  It is our hope to find common ground and build relationships among community partners around a common vision or platform for the Tenderloin neighborhood that everyone can collectively work toward.

     Once that vision is identified, the TPC is also planning on using the platform as a starting point to begin the process of drafting a new Tenderloin area plan, Vision 2020 and Beyond, to update the existing Tenderloin 2000 plan currently included in the planning code so that residents and stakeholders can help to create the kind of neighborhood we envision over the next 20 or 30 years.