The Tenderloin People’s Congress is an alliance of resident-based organizations dedicated to developing and sustaining the leadership of  “traditional” Tenderloin residents. We believe a movement of bedrock* resident activists is a best strategy against the onslaught of forces threatening the Tenderloin**

TPC defines a resident based organization to be: representative off, accountable to and able to mobilize a constituent base. TPC has 12 member organizations. They are Curran House Tenants, TLVotes,  Residents Rapid Response Team,  Tenderloin Artists Collaborative,  Filipino Residents Task Force, Tenderloin Chinese Tenants Association, Trans World Media,  355 Ellis Street Tenants Association, La Voz Latina,  Wednesday Community Organizer’s Group, CHP Resident Assembly, and Skywatchers.

*A movement of courageous, culturally diverse, working-class, neighborhood loving, street-level activists of all ages. 

**Creepy gentrification, predatory land speculators, corporate profiteering of the housing crisis, ruthless displacement of vulnerable people, looming high end developments, tense police relationships, incompetent or willful lack of enforcement of  renter’s rights and municipal neglect. 


We are united in our vision of the Tenderloin as a culturally diverse, affordable, healthy, creative and green neighborhood with equitable services and economic opportunity for all.  We strive to ensure that the Tenderloin will remain a welcoming, vibrant and thriving community for seniors, persons with disabilities, people of color, immigrants, documented or undocumented, people with low-incomes, LGBTQ people, and all residents, housed or unhoused.

TPc meetings

The Tenderloin People’s Congress Steering Committees meets

2nd Monday of every month

Boeddeker Park (246 Eddy St @ Jones)

11:00 am - 1:00 pm.  

Meetings open to all TL residents. Others interested in being on agenda or for more information email