The Tenderloin People’s Congress has identified 9 items that it deems a priority for the Congress and its allies to begin work on immediately with an intention of planning and implementation within the next 2 years.


Tenderloin People’s Congress insists that the City and its agencies discontinue its practice of treating the Tenderloin as a “Containment Zone.” We demand full equity in resources and opportunity for our community.  We also ask that our District 6 Supervisor assign a staff person to work specifically with the TL, the TPC and its allies on supporting and implementing the full Tenderloin Vision 2020 People’s Plan.


We consider it absolutely necessary to create many new TL Pit Stop locations and we must have at least 1 or 2 locations that are staffed and open 24 hours. It is inhumane and unreasonable to expect our residents to not need restroom facilities throughout the night.


Identify a location and implement a TL Flea Market that allows TL residents to buy and sell new or used items, arts, crafts, etc.  And allow them to do so at this location without the need for individual permits, licenses or reporting of income.


Create a commercial corridor on Eddy St. through various incentives, tax breaks, zoning and permitting changes, etc. Eddy Street runs from Powell Street Station past Boeddeker Park to Van Ness, making it an ideal route. We believe a vibrant commercial corridor is necessary for a healthy community.


Institute a Vacancy Tax on all vacant residential and commercial properties.


Allow any SRO resident to have the option for a roommate including in the supportive and subsidized non-profit housing.   Allow 2 residents to an SRO room.


Institute a TL Participatory Budgeting Process with City (and private) funded amount to be used for projects suggested and voted on by TL residents.  Some funding has already been acquired by the TPC to begin this process.


Generate a Neighborhood Improvement Fund through contributions from new developments in the area similar to the SOMA Stabilization Fund.


Create a TL Cultural, Arts and Performance Center to celebrate the diversity of our TL community.  This also would provide space for community meetings, art gallery and perhaps an art coop store.


Detox/Recovery on demand.  Nobody should ever be turned away when seeking treatment. Detox sites allow people supervised rest, counseling and support as they await an opening in an inpatient facility. TPC also ascribes to a harm reduction framework and supports the creation of Safe Injection Sites.

While these are the 9 items the TPC has identified as priorities, there are still many other items on the People’s Plan Platform that are just as valuable and important and should be considered and moved forward where possible. Simply because we have not identified it as a priority does not mean they are not needed immediately in the community.